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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow - PSP - Preview

The Syphon Filter series has been a long-running one for Sony, as the first entry hit the original PlayStation about a decade ago. Now, the series is in its sixth installment, with Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow coming to the PSP. As the successor to last year’s Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (which won many accolades from the press), Logan’s Shadow is looking to continue the action of the series on the PSP with a mix of the much vaunted gameplay elements of Dark Mirror as well as a few new features to the mix.

Logan’s Shadow is being written by Greg Rucka, the acclaimed comic writer and the novelist behind the “Atticus” and “Queen & Country” series of books. The plot of the game will represent a shift in focus, as it will focus heavily on Gabe’s partner, Lian Xing. Gabe goes onto a mission in the Indian Ocean to defeat a group of terrorists that have invaded a US Navy ship. However, once he completes it, he discovers that Lian Xing has gone missing.

Syphon Filter™: Logan’s Shadow PSP screenshots

Gabe embarks on a quest to find her, uncovering parts of her past and discovering some pretty surprising things about her personal allegiances. The government informs Gabe that Lian is a double agent, but Gabe doesn’t believe it and continues on his journey to find Lian Xing.

The gameplay feels very similar to Dark Mirror, and fans of that game won’t feel out of place. The one main new element is 360-degree underwater combat. You’ll have a few underwater weapons at your disposal, like bolt pistols and spear guns to name a few.

Syphon Filter™: Logan’s Shadow PSP screenshots

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow will feature a soundtrack by Azam Ali, who recently did the score for the popular film 300.

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow will be a title for fans of the series to check out, given the weight that it puts on the series’ overall story arc.

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