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Sudoku Gridmaster - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Like math? Like puzzles? Like math puzzles? Are you part of the Sudoku craze that has been gathering steam.  

Yep, you see Sudoku puzzle books all over the place. The game is rather simple in design. There is a grid, 3 boxes by 3 boxes, in a horizontal row of three grids (3x3) and vertically there is also three grids. So, when you count them all, that’s nine across and nine down. And the goal is to complete the puzzle by putting the numbers 1-9 in the boxes without repeating the number in any horizontal or vertical row. Confused?

Just wait until you try to wrap your mind around the game on the Nintendo DS.

Sudoku Gridmaster was one of the titles on display at the Nintendo pre-E3 event recently in San Francisco.

Featuring hundreds of prepared puzzles and four difficulty settings, Sudoku Gridmaster is totally at home on the DS platform.

The game will not wow players with graphics or incredibly deep use of the touchscreen. What it does do is present the puzzle and challenge players to solve it.

Just thinking about Sudoku Gridmaster is enough to make the brain throb just a bit. And that is what any good puzzler should do.


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