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Street Racing Syndicate - GC - Preview

E3 2003 First Look

You know what they say about a man with a nice shiny car.  He’s either compensating for something or loves the adrenalin rush of the illegal street racing circuit.  No word on the virility of the folks at 3DO, but they’ve definitely taken the competition route in their latest racing title, Street Racing Syndicate.


SRS will feature more than twenty licensed vehicles, 90 races spanning the cities of Miami, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, and loads of customizable car parts from real manufacturers.  Jeff Cretcher of 3DO explains, “Most of our competitors have more of an arcade feel, which is fun, but we wanted to make SRS more of a simulation.”  The cars are realistically responsive, and they all conform to real physics and real-time damage.  There will be three different types of races, drag races, point-to-point races, and circuit races all yielding purses with money and respect. 

As any accomplished street racer knows, the sport is about street cred as much as cash.  Many will claim that respect is even more important, and in this sport, respect often leads to more money, but not necessarily vice versa.  SRS features one of the more complex respect systems of the latest slew of upcoming street racers.  Players must challenge opponents wisely.  No one will respect a souped-up Lexus driving against a battered old Pinto.  Respect can be gained in a close loss to a worthy competitor and lost by backing down from a challenge.  Acquired respect may lead to bigger things such as invites to large races and sponsorships, but everyone knows that respect is all about getting the chicks, and SRS takes this to heart. 


SRS features 18 of the world’s most famous street racing models such as the coy Flo, the seductive Francine, and the sexy Cheri.  Okay, so I made up the adjectives, but trust me, the ladies’ reputations precede them.  Don’t take my word for it, check out the in-game video of the ladies in bikinis shaking their bits.  Winning and respect brings the ladies flocking, and losing races and dignity sends them packing.  And much like sultans in Turkey or deranged cult leaders, it’s okay to have more than one girlfriend.  Collect them all, in fact.  And how’s this for a little male chauvinism: gamers can even enter the ladies in bikini contests to earn even more respect and possibly cash.  Makes me want to go out and by an Acura right now.   


Street Racing Syndicate is scheduled for an early August release.

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