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Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike - GC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

You’ve seen the movie, and maybe you think you can do it much better than those who fought the battles. Now is your chance to find out.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike is a collective of the greatest moments in Star Wars history (Episodes 4-6 in the time of Luke Skywalker). The Lucas Arts release, demonstrated at E3 in Los Angeles and scheduled for a Fall 2003 release, does something much more valuable for the industry, however, that simply provide players with the chance to play out some of the best battles the universe has know. It really shows off the power of the GameCube and actually utilizes the graphics capability of the unit to its fullest.

Dynamic lighting, reflections and shadow detail, combined with fluid animations and cutscenes to render a game where the lines sometimes blur between actual motion picture footage and the game footage.

Walkers are attacking the rebel collective on the ice world and Luke Skywalker and his squad counter; walkers are on the moon of Endor, and Chewie uses one of their own machines to fight back; Princess Leia is being held on the Death Star and only a trio of hardy adventurers (Luke, Hans and Chewie) can rescue her.

The gameplay is extremely linear. The only way you can succeed is by walking the same path as detailed in the movie. But this is an amazing opportunity to visit old friends and get involved in the battles.

The environments of the game are incredible and well detailed. The player interface is simple enough to give novices the opportunity to jump in and play, while providing challenge for the veteran gamer.

This game does not tread any new ground in the Star Wars universe. In fact, this is quite familiar territory, but given the opportunity to delve into the historical and favorite moments of the genre, and to have them so well rendered … well, it is an opportunity few Star Wars fans will likely pass up.

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