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Star Wars Bounty Hunter - PS2 - Preview

E3 2002 - First Look

Jango Fett may be a bounty hunter, but he certainly has little in regards to moral conscience. It doesn’t matter who gets in his way, his only focus in the goal and he will do whatever it takes to get to the prize.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter, developed by LucasArts for the PlayStation2 and GameCube and slated for a fall release, takes players into Fett’s world.

Fett has been hired to track down and capture the elusive leader of a mysterious cult, and takes up that charge through 18 levels and six worlds. In the way stand an assortment of monsters, galactic scum and the competition.

The folks at LucasArts, who demonstrated the build of the game at E3 2002 in Los Angeles, stated that this program will give players a look into what precipitated Fett’s involvement leading up to the Clone Wars.

The game is highly immersive, and the build demonstrated on the GC. At first look, this was one of the most incredibly lush game demo’ed for that platform. The action was incredible, the animation was impressive and the Star Wars universe (one presumes that there is a code by which all Star Wars games must adhere) was as alive as ever.

Fett has methods of researching and ‘tagging’ suspect, and can either take them in dead, or use a bolo-style device to wrap them up for capture. He does have a scope for long range targeting, and a controllable missile. And should a door present an obstacle, no problem. Fett just activates a cutter unit (which also can toast enemies) to cut off the door in this interactive world. Fett has an auto targeting system which will enable him to keep his sites on his target no matter how he moves.

The game is seen from a camera-relative view, and – according to LucasArts – the game will be quite forgiving to players.

This is an intriguing game that should find quite a niche among Star Wars fans. The graphical elements will win over its share of RPG players not necessarily into this universe. Bounty Hunter appears to be one of the stronger titles coming out in this universe of games.

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