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Spyborgs - WII - Preview

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In addition to the many sequels Capcom releases each year, the Resident Evil and Street Fighter powerhouse never stops trying to create new franchises. Unlike the games that followed RE’s success, Spyborgs – a Wii-exclusive brawler with robots and eye-popping effects – isn’t jam-packed with blood and guts. If bodily fluids are all you look for in a game, you might want to stick with the forthcoming Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. If, however, you’ve always wanted a brawler with substance, keep reading – this could be one of the year’s best Wii releases.

Starring three different characters, Spyborgs tells the story of Stinger, Bouncer and Clandestine, three powerhouse warriors who are fighting for a better tomorrow. That’s where the player comes in, Wii remote and Nunchuk in hand, to pulverize every enemy and every interactive object in sight. The results are very explosive; bright balls of semi-stylized, yellow-orange flames ignite as enemies are destroyed. Mixtures of blue and orange colors are used to further enhance the combat effect of each character while sparks fly off in multiple directions.

Spyborgs Screenshot

The combat definitely falls into the brawler realm of gaming that was once ruled by the likes of Streets of Rage and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Basically, you pound on your enemies until they die, using both strong (slow) and weak (quick) attacks. Press these buttons repeatedly for various combos.

Spyborgs differentiates itself with boss battles and motion-specific actions. Despite this being a Wii exclusive, the developers weren’t crazy about adding motion functionality to every element. They ultimately decided to reserve the motion controls for specific portions of the game, such as unleashing a deadly attack on a boss. Ex: if you block a boss attack, the game will give you the opportunity to quickly swing the Wii remote, triggering a combo team attack. If done successfully, your teammate will get the chance to follow up with another motion. This goes back and forth until a few motions are executed – now the boss will lose a large chunk of its health meter.

Spyborgs Screenshot

Special attacks aren’t the only area where motion controls are used. Spyborgs also includes a feature called Spyvision. By pointing the Wii remote at your television, you’ll be able to reveal items that are hidden within the world. The existence of hidden items is hinted at with a slight picture change in the environment (it almost looks like there’s a thin transparent sheet on part of the screen). Point the remote over it and the hidden item will be revealed.

Like all brawlers released in the past five years, upgrades are a part of the Spyborgs package. Upgrades are purchased with Red Sparks, which are essentially red orbs that you get from playing well (Devil May Cry, anyone?). There are a few different upgrade categories to choose from, including health and special attacks.

These features will no doubt attract gamers to Spyborgs when it’s released. But as we’re all too aware, brawlers eventually become repetitive. To help evade some of that repetition, the developers have included evolved forms of every recurring enemy. Ex: early on you’ll encounter an enemy who throws bombs; later on, he’ll throw mines.


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