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SPRay - WII - Preview

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Playing as an oddball of a prince, SPRay pits players in the role of saving the world from an evil Queen who has an army of anti-matter set to take over the world. The evil Queen was once banished from the world by the rulers of the land, but she returns and ends up killing the King in turn. This is where the Prince steps in to begin his adventure to save the day.

Using the spirits that are either “angelic” or “wicked”, players will spray liquid onto enemies and surfaces to advance in the world. The liquids will help solve puzzles along with vanquish evil that is set before the Prince. There are two spirits that are a part of the Prince’s personality for a balance of good and evil. He acquires these spirits through accepting the sword of the King.

SPRAY Wii screenshots

SPRay uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk for the controls. Moving the Wii Remote in any general direction will swing the sword to combat enemies or to break open chests for items. Regrettably, this is the basic function of the Wii’s motion control as SPRay focuses more on the liquids players can spray onto the environment. In one instance, the developer sprayed green goo onto a box hanging over a ledge, jumped off the ledge, stuck the Prince onto the box, and then eventually flipped himself up on top of the box.

There’ll be a few multiplayer games included in the game, but EKO Software, the developer, is focusing most of their time on creating a worthy single-player game. The multiplayer games include games titled “Paint It!” and “Sticky Chewing Gum.” Both of these modes allow up to two players to compete against one another.

Still in the alpha stage, SPRay is shooting for a late holiday release on the Nintendo Wii.





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