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Spider-man: Friend or Foe - WII - Preview 2

When I heard that Activision is releasing a new Spider-man game less than six months after Spider-man 3 hit store shelves, I obviously had my doubts. However, Spider-man: Friend or Foe truly surprised me by offering an engaging and easy-to-grasp co-op experience. The game was on-hand at a recent event held by Activision, and was geared towards a younger, more casual audience. However, that wasn’t to say that the game didn’t have anything to offer hardcore Spidey fans or those who’ve played through the games based on the film trilogy. Friend of Foe combines fun and simple gameplay with an engaging multiplayer component, and should be a blast for the younger set.

Spider-man: Friend or Foe presents a storyline that features a bevy of famous villains from the comics, done in a slightly cartoonish manner, but with a look that is familiar to the way the characters appeared in the films. Spider-man’s “rogues gallery” has gone a bit crazy, and seem to be all seem to be under the power of a nefarious force, and Spidey must intervene to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand. You’ll travel to a variety of locales like Cairo and Tokyo, fighting with the possessed baddies and freeing them from their possession. Once you’ve beaten them and freed them, you be able to have them fight at your side.

The co-op elements are some of the most important in the game. The game allows for “drop-in drop-out” multiplayer, meaning that players can pop in and out whenever they feel like. Before and after the second player is in the game, the other character will be AI-controlled.

Combatwise, the game showcased some pretty casual controls, with simple gestures of the Wii-mote for attacks and special moves that can be charged. Each character has their own set of special moves, as well as a special team attack that lets them dole out massive damage with Spidey’s help.

Graphically, the game is somewhere between a cartoon and the look of the films. The aesthetic uses simple polygons and little detail in favor of flair. The art direction uses the style of the movies, with characters like the New Goblin and Doc Oct wearing the same outfits that they had in the film storyline. The game uses a fixed camera system, and guides you through the environments.

Spider-man: Friend of Foe is turning out to be a pretty different type of Spider-man game, simplifying things quite a bit for casual gamers and younger Spider-fans. Those looking for something easier to get into than the free-form Spider-man games of the past, then keep an eye out for Friend or Foe later this fall.

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