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Spectrobes: Origins - WII - Preview

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For the first time ever, Disney is allowing players to take control of Jeena and Rallen, the protagonists in the Spectrobes series, in their debut in a third-person action title. In comparison to their turn-based predecessors on the Nintendo DS handheld, Spectrobes: Origins should open up a new avenue for newcomers to enjoy the series.

Rolling around and fighting against enemies on the battlefield, players are able to interact with their Spectrobes at all times. An example of their interactivity with their currently selected Spectrobe includes the ability to call them over to assist in a battle. Usually, the Spectrobes can freely fight on the battlefield, but if you find yourself in danger, a quick whistle and their on their way to fight right by your side.

Outside of them having battle alongside you, you can assign them to find items in the game, which, in turn, allows them to gain experience. Taking advantage of the Nintendo Wii motion controls, the player is able to command them via movements with the Wiimote and nunchuck.

Picking up where the first two titles left off, newcomers to the franchise won’t need to know the events in the original to understand where the story is. It’s a fairly simple story arc, so I don’t see many getting confused at the events and why they are unfolding.

Revolving around the Spectrobes and their evolving from their child forms to their ultimate forms, players will need to pick up minerals and fossils to find all 100 Spectrobes within the game. If players take their time to find all 100 Spectrobes, they’ll be looking at more than 20 hours of gameplay. If they’d rather rush through and finish the game without extracting every single Spectrobe, then it could take somewhere around 10-12 hours to finish.

When in battle, players will be allowed to have five Spectrobes in their rotation to call into battle. They all have their own unique properties such as fire, rock or plant-like features, so it’s a battle of rock, paper and scissors as you battle and try to exploit an enemy’s weakness.

Fossil extraction is a mini-game in its own right with six tools to unravel the little beast underneath all the rocks. From a hammer to a bomb, the tools each have their positives and negatives to them since players will want to avoid damaging their Spectrobe.

Aiming for a holiday release, Spectrobes: Origins is set to release exclusively on the Nintendo Wii.


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