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Space Station Tycoon - WII - Preview

E3 2007 Preview 

Deep in space, far from the lands of Klonoa and The King of Iron Fist Tournament lies a tycoon who dreams of creating the ultimate space station. With a Wii remote and nunchuck in hand, you become that tycoon: rich, scheming, and willing to help the Governor get rid of his hippie problem. 

Space Station Tycoon, the first Tycoon game for Wii (and one of the few designed exclusively for a console), features a simpler interface than what you’d expect from a series that’s primarily developed for the PC. Most everything is based on point-and-click actions and other easy-to-learn functions that can be executed with the Wii remote. 

Because your station(s) are literally suspended in space, you’d think it’d be easy to regulate who visits. Not true. The game will be al least partially mission-based, and during one such mission the Governor will ask you to get rid of the hippies. No other details were given at this time, but I expect the game to provide more information when it comes time to deal with this problem. 

One of the tasks players will be faced with is the act of placing gravity points around their station. They’ll also have to consider financial and safety issues, which could affect the productivity of your station. For example, if you choose to drain more power from the station, you may be able to accomplish more but with less stability. Stability increases as you decrease power usage, which may hurt productivity. 

Like the gameplay elements, Space Station Tycoon’s visuals are much simpler than complex PC sim. The graphics look nice and have a stable camera system, but don’t push anywhere near the level of polygons the Wii is capable of producing. 

As a Wii exclusive aimed at getting the mainstream crowd to try a simulator, Space Station Tycoon should be one interesting game to play when it’s released later this year.


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