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SoulCalibur Lost Swords Preview: Mixing familiar with mobile gaming

Soul Calibur Lost Swords

I’ve been following the SoulCalibur scene for years, and this is the first time I’ve seen the IP attached to something completely different. Sure, you still have the classic SoulCalibur fighting you’re used to, but the entire system of the game is plucked purely out of the mobile scene. If you’re a PS3 owner and in love with this fighting franchise, you’re going to want to download this bad boy for free NOW.

So control wise, it's going to be exactly what you’re used to as far as any SoulCalibur game is concerned. You play as a character you design – very similarly to how you create characters in the early games in the series. You have to unlock gear pieces through the story – again, similar to other SC games. Your move set is based on canon characters you’ve unlocked. These characters are unlocked via special events on certain days. So yeah, so far, it's SoulCalibur.


Then the mobile influence comes in. You can’t just play whenever you want. There's a stamina system that you have to wait on to continue – with 10 minutes cooldown per point. Your character has a level based off what canon character their move set is based on. So while you can change your move set, that will change the level of your character. Your player level is complete separate of this.

There's also an elemental component attached to your characters that's similar to many popular mobile games; certain elements do better or worse vs. other elements. You can also summon friends for a limited amount of time during a battle, so make sure you friend people to accommodate your weaknesses. There is strategy in both your load-out and who you allow to tag along in your adventures.


Keep in mind that this is a solo experience, minus the friends you bring in and control temporarily. What I mean is that you’re not going to be fighting other players or be involved in any sort of multiplayer. The story itself is an offshoot of canon and doesn't fit into the overarching story at all. So if you’re looking to continue the tale of the swords, this is not the story for you.

I have concerns for this game though. The developers admitted that they are only planning on releasing the game on PS3 at this time with no other consoles in mind. Already I feel like that is limiting their audience. Secondly, the reason mobile games are so successful is that you always have them on you, and they can be played anytime. A console game with stamina is less convenient. I’m curious to see how many players are going to log-in multiple times a day to their PS3 to unload their stamina.   

SoulCalibur Lost Swords is out today.

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