SOE Live 2014: Three new super powers announced for DC Universe Online

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Sony Online Entertainment has revealed three new super powers coming to DC Universe Online

"People thought this would be impossible as long as the PS3 in the picture, but our client team is amazing and they freed up some memory on the PS3. So now we can add more powers," said creative director Jens Andersen. So what are they going to be?

Munitions (Controller/Damage): Based on Seargeant Rock, Munitions is a very conventional weapon power. Think explosions and rocket launchers with a run-and-gun style. 

Atomic (Healer/Damage): Kind of based on Firestorm, who can outwardly affect inorganic matter and on himself can affect organic matter. Of course, that wouldn't work for a healer class, so SOE is flipping it on its head. Iit's an atomic power that deals with cellular manipulation on a molecular level. It'll use a radiation mechanic that you can use on targets or yourself that'll be beneficial to the group.

Experimental Serums (Tank/Damage): A more physical power set inspired by Bane. You'll have experimental serums that you can inject into yourself and mix them together to do power interactions. There will also be some grappling powers as well.

There ya go, three new powers coming to DCUO. We just don't know when they are arriving.

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