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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike - PSP - Preview

With the SOCOM series kickin’ ass and taking names across the PS2 and PSP (and soon the PS3), it’s pretty obvious that Sony would release a new entry in the series on the PSP. However, the company is doing things a little differently this time around. Developed by Slant Six (the same developer behind the upcoming PS3 entry, SOCOM: Confrontation), SOCOM: Tactical Strike will be a real-time strategy game set in the SOCOM universe.

Players will be able to command an entire field unit, utilizing the “Evaluate, Plan, and Execute” model that the games are known for. While only a brief snippet of gameplay was shown at Sony’s Gamer’s Day, the strategy elements looked very promising, and the robust multiplayer elements should definitely bring in fans of the series for more military action.

SOCOM: Tactical Strike PSP screenshots

Tactical Strike gives you control of nine different Special Forces units, each from different nations. You’ll be able to position your units across the map, setting up both alpha and bravo squads for attack. You’ll have to plan your actions very carefully before executing; otherwise you’ll be taken down.

From looking at the trailer footage, the game looked a bit like Full Spectrum Warrior in terms of how you could control your units and move about the map. You can look through binoculars and down scopes in a first-person perspective as a means to find your enemies’ positions, and then switch to a third-person view to move them around. There are many ways to complete your objectives, so players will be able to approach situations in the way that works best for them.

SOCOM: Tactical Strike PSP screenshots

Doing well in SOCOM: Tactical Strike will gain you XP, which in turn lets you upgrade your units with upgrades and customizations.

Like all previous SOCOM games, multiplayer will factor in heavily to SOCOM: Tactical Strike, and it’s not looking to disappoint. The game will offer five different game modes via Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure.

Due out this October, SOCOM: Tactical Strike should be a refreshing entry to the series, offering innovative strategy elements as well as strong multiplayer gameplay.

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