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Socom 4 US Navy SEALS E3 preview


First-person or even third-person console shooters have catered to those who could dance around a handheld controller with nimble, quick fingers and thumbs. The Move may well be the great equalizer.

SCEA’s SOCOM title is returning to the home console and it’s about time. This was long overdue. Sure, it’s been successful and fun on the PSP, but there is so much more that can be accomplished on a more powerful gaming platform (the PS3) pumping visceral candy to a high-def receiver (aka, your television).

The demo of SOCOM 4 at E3 was proof of that. SCEA’s new controller acts like a mouse in the game, offering movement that is tight and precise. A few minutes with the controller working some targeting was pure enjoyment.

The premise of the game involves a character sent to a southeast Asia country to stop a coup. Actually, the coup is a ruse and the prelude to full-fledged invasion. The player is the leader for a pair of squads that move on the commands of the player-controlled character. Yep, very similar to the PSP version.

Though the game releases in the fall, there are still tweaks that need to be addressed, such as how the Move will affect multiplayer elements.

Graphically the game is very good. Though not the same engine as SCEA’s Uncharted 2, the overall look is very similar and the special effects are well rendered. Not enough time was given to the game, but this could be a great gaming experience made better by the new control scheme.

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