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Singularity - PS3 - Preview

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Raven Software is a development studio that has a great background in gaming – especially games that can be intense and action-packed. Now along comes Singularity, a game built around a sci-fi concept with intense first-person shooter action, and laden with a conspiracy-filled storyline.

Raven gave a live demo of the title during a pre-E3 Activision event held in Los Angeles in May.

The story begins with the Soviets finding a new element that is labeled E99. The experiments with it go horribly wrong and things shift toward the bizarre and horrific. People have been mutated and there are other creatures that are either mutations or unleashed species ported into the zone. Players tke on the role of an American pilot on a recon of an island that should not be where it is, if it should be at all.

The pilot is forced down and the world, as he knows it, becomes one big nightmare where time can either work for you or against you. Players will get a TMD, also known as a time manipulation device. There are echoes of scientists and others that set the player on the path to make things right, but the course is not one easily traversed. There are monsters and other opposing forces that want to make your progress as difficult as possible.

The use of time as a weapon or device is certainly not new to gaming. Several have tried it, but Raven is venturing down a different path with this one. Time can be used during combat, to be certain, but it also plays a factor in your movement through the game. You may, for example, come across a blocked passage that you need to clear before you can move through it. Reversing time to a point where that passage was not blocked by debris would be a benefit. One part of the demo showed the protagonist fighting through to a generator, which would – in turn – provide enough juice to the TMD to allow it to reconstruct a collapsed building.

But don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are the only one that can use time; some of the enemies you encounter can use time against you.

The look of the game borders on what one might expect from a war-ravaged city in today’s society, to a sci-fi nightmare and even to a touch of the fantastic. The texturing looked amazing and the effects were very, very good. Rag-doll physics also come into play.

Slated for a mid-September release, Singularity is shaping up to be a solid foray into sci-fi action shooters and should be on gamers’ watch-for list.

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