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SimCity 4: Rush Hour - PC - Preview

First look: E3 2003

When SimCity 4 came out, players wished that they had more control over the transportation options of their community. Enter SimCity 4: Rush Hour, the first expansion pack for the latest in EA’s hit simulation franchise. The first and coolest thing I had noticed in Rush Hour is the ability to control cars and run special mini-missions. For example, after building a police station, you could run missions for the police like chasing down criminals and the like. By completing these missions, you can unlock new buildings and run more complex missions with a host of vehicles at your disposal. As an added bonus, you can import your Sims from that game, and be able to locate their driving positions at all times, and check their attitudes as well. You can also now name roads and bodies of water, build a launch pad for a space shuttle, view a regional transportation map, and do a plethora of other transportation-related things that you couldn’t previously do.

Rush Hour is set to release this fall.

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