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Silent Storm - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


If there’s one thing to be said about JoWood, they’re really original. Most of the games I saw during E3 and have played in the past have been mixes or variations of the same old style, and always have a feeling of being fresh in a world of the same old thing. Silent Storm goes into WWII in a style similar to Commandos, but with a turn based strategy gameplay style.


When you first start, you can go in and select your own troop from a list of Axis or Allied soldiers, then customize his or her look from a variety of facial skins. You are then led into a mission-based gameplay in the world of WWII where you go on various missions to complete the game. Combat is handled in a turn based style rather than in real time, which makes for some unique and good strategy by spending action points to move, fire, etc. For example, you can go prone behind a tree to get out of LOS from an enemy, then fire off a few rounds from your machine gun. The world is completely destructible, and death for you or your enemies can also occur not only from being shot, stabbed, or blown up … but actually from bleeding to death if seriously wounded and trying to move or do too much. The graphics are looking great so far, and the character models were well detailed down to damage that will start to show up during fights.


This is turning out to be a good entry into the turn based gaming world, so be looking for it in October of this year.

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