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Shrek 2: The Game - XB - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

We all loved Shrek when he hit the big screen, but he wasn't met with quite as much enthusiasm when he appeared on Xbox. The graphics weren't really up to the standards and expectations that we all had, and a lot of people weren't too impressed with the overall control, etc. either. Well, Activision is looking to bring him back in a new and improved sequel ... Shrek 2. In this version, you have 4 players up front, each with it's unique ability (Shrek has strength, the Gingerbread Man is small and can go places bigger characters cannot, etc.) and each will need to be utilized at different places to solve puzzles or beat up bad guys.

So, with four characters to choose from, will there be a multiplayer? Yep ... and a second player can hop on at any time to play without having to reset or start over. It's looking promising for Shrek's new console adventure, with some updated (and more Xbox style graphics) heading out to the Xbox sometime in 2004.

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