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Shadowrun - 360 - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Shadowrun started out as a pen-and-paper RPG and later became an engaging RPG for the SNES and attained cult status through both. Now, Shadowrun is making its return to video games for the PC and Xbox 360 in First-Person Shooter form. The demo that was on display showcased the game’s multiplayer aspects, which had a bit of a Counter-Strike feel to them, albeit in a cyber-punk sort of way with lots of magic and sorcery sprinkled on top. While the demo didn’t really show off what Shadowrun has in store for a single player mode (the original Super Nintendo version was, in fact, an extremely deep single-player game), it did offer a taste of what the game will have in terms of weaponry and spells.

Shadowrun screenshots

Shadowrun will take place in the latter part of the year 2012, as the world is meeting a peak in the concentration of magic in it. It should also be mentioned that the day the game starts is December 12, 2012; a date that Mayan historians (and basically no one else) will know as the end of the Mayan calendar and, potentially, the end of the world. On this date, an explosion in Brazil reveals a hidden ancient ziggurat and a hidden group known as the Lineage, whose sole purpose is to protect the ziggurat at all costs. The company (dubbed the Corporation) that caused the explosion wants to know what the kafuffle is about, and possibly harness the powers of the ziggurat for themselves. Thus begins Shadowrun.

The gameplay in the multiplayer demo showcased the two very different aspects of the Lineage and the Corporation. The Lineage were primarily magic users, whereas the Corporation would utilize technology and weaponry like guns and lasers in their attack. In the demo, you could use money in order to buy better weapons or spells at the beginning of the match.

Shadowrun screenshots

One element that looked pretty fascinating as far as multiplayer went was the fact that PC gamers and Xbox 360 players could duke it out against each other online.

Shadowrun is gearing up to be a fun extension of the beloved series and should be a lot of fun for fans of the pen-and-paper game as well as anyone looking for a competent FPS.


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