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Scribblenauts - NDS - Preview

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A truly unique game is rare to find these days. The cynical gamer that resides in all of us often comes out in a sea of sequels and rehashes to voice their opinion that everything has been done. However, there are the occasional times when even the most jaded gamer must come out of his or her shell for a truly “wow” moment. Scribblenauts from Warner Bros. Interactive and developer 5TH Cell is one such game.

A fairly unassuming game for the Nintendo DS, Scribblenauts is an original game that doesn’t appear to be much from the onset. You guide a character named Maxwell through several puzzles to collect objects called Starites, and must complete certain tasks before these Starites are made available to you. However, this basic premise is only the beginning.

Guiding Maxwell through the game’s many puzzles, you basically must use your mind to summon up objects for him to use. There’s quite possibly no end to the amount of items that you can summon up for Maxwell to use, and you simply must open the text window and type something in using the touch screen in order to have it appear. The amount of items that you can summon up simply by writing them into the game is simply staggering.

But that’s not quite all. Each of the items in the game has realistic physical properties that will assist you when it comes to solving puzzles. For example, each item has a definite weight, and players can use this to their advantage when the situation demands it. Items can be conjured and combined together for different results. For example, food can be summoned up and placed on a rope to bait an animal. Each item in the game has distinct properties and benefits to the game’s puzzles, and there is not one right way to solve any of them, and players truly are limited only by their imagination.

Scribblenauts is a refreshingly interesting game, and offers a unique concept that is equal parts simple to grasp, and yet extremely impressive in its execution. Keep a close eye out for what could be one of the best games on the platform this fall.


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