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School Tycoon - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

Is your kid destined to be a Tycoon of industry? Regardless, they can become a tycoon of the schoolyard. Riverdeep is entering the tycoon category with this very relevant Tycoon take-off for kids. Kids spend the greater part of their day at school and now they can spend some of their free time building the perfect school.

The story line is that of a principal that gets fed up with the pranks of the kids and the daily chore of keeping everyone happy, so he throws up his hands and turns the running of the school over to the kids. It is your child’s job now to design, build and master the ultimate 5-star school empire in this new life-simulation strategy game.

Their mission is to construct an incredible campus paradise from the ground up, all the while trying to keep both students and teachers happy, maintain a high grade point average, and even coach a winning football team. Create the wrong environment and you could end up with nothing but a spitball, food fight prone school with the lowest grades in the nation. Every choice a player makes has costs and consequences. You must think and learn what is the right thing and wrong thing to do. Don’t build the chemistry lab next to the lunch room or you could end up with kids getting sick from an experiment gone aerie. Hilarious and outlandish things can and will happen on a player’s quest to rule their school!


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