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Scarface The World is Yours - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

At the end of the movie, Tony Montana was ambushed from behind, and died. But what if he turned at the last moment, saw the guy with the shotgun approaching and killed the would-be assassin?

That is the beginning of Scarface, a multi-platform title from Vivendi Universal Games, slated to release on the Xbox, PS2 and PC in the fall.

The program was in an Alpha stage at the pre-E3 event in San Francisco, and the game may be a little rough looking, but it was action-packed, featuring gritty gameplay, and is rife with language that may be deemed offensive to many.

The dev team on hand to show off the game stated that “if you are a fan of the GTA games, you will be a fan of Scarface.” As for the language, it is tied to taunts and taunts will earn points on the meter. Get the meter full and you can release a rage/invincible mode.

This game has an open world, is single-player based, and boasts a variety of mission types. There are 128 procedurally generated missions in the game and very much expands upon the fiction of the small-time hood working his way up to become a major player in the world of crime. Tony is given a second chance, with the motivation of vengeance against those who set up the hit on him while rebuilding his empire.

The game uses a soundalike for the Al Pacino character, chosen by Pacino himself, and the likeness from the film. There are four playable characters though the game is all about playing Montana.

There are 40-plus hours of gameplay and the only load times are the transition between the island of Cuba and Miami. Other nice little aspects to the game include that as Tony reacquires items like a mansion, he can decorate it and the decorations will give stat bonuses. 

The game has a lot of action while it will likely get an M rating, those looking for a third-person shooter may wish to check out Scarface.


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