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Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon - NDS - Preview

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Having been one heck of a game, the original Rune Factory delivered an experience that provided something unique that hasn’t been seen since the first Harvest Moon titles. Now already complete in Japan and localization already under way, Rune Factory 2 is on its way to American soil for a combination of dungeon crawling, role-playing, and farming.

Mixing a variety of gameplay types, Rune Factory 2 starts off with taking away the memory of the main character and having him wake up in a peculiar town. Meeting up with a young girl named Mana, the adventure begins with a lot of inspiration from previous Harvest Moon titles.

Gamers are provided a small farm to begin working on that’ll allow them to harvest crops and collect materials to sell to continue building up your farm. The items you collect or crops you harvest can be sold in town to help buy or upgrade our weapons for when you go adventuring into the caves or forest that inhabit the world. Another interesting aspect is the ability to harvest crops to use for potions to supply your magic bar.

Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Nintendo DS screenshots

For the technical aspects, Rune Factory 2’s design is still beautiful as ever along with the sound portions. Having 3D characters run around in a 2D world, the game is an interesting world to run around in. As it was in the previous game, the top of the screen still only represents the general map of the world which is a bummer.

Though, Rune Factory 2 will have touch screen elements thrown into the package, but I wasn’t able to test out their implementations enough to get a feel for them.

Extremely similar to the first one, which was by all means an impressive game, Rune Factory 2 is set to release on September 30 for the Nintendo DS.


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