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Rogue Galaxy - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Space pirates, the universe’s greatest treasure and a legendary planet – sounds like the makings of a solid action game.

Rogue Galaxy is the name of the game and adventure is high priority here. SCEA showed off the PS2 title at a pre-E3 event in Los Angeles recently. It is slated for release in October.

The world is a cross between high tech and ancient civilizations (architecturally), but there is so much more happening than merely traveling across various worlds, fighting off hordes of enemies (in real time, but using a team) and trying to uncover clues to find the legendary planet.

There are minigames featured here as well. For example, you can collect insects, grow them and fight them in arenas. You can also find plans and go to a factory to create a new weapon. It is even possible to use the interface (which did look a bit daunting at first but after a while it seems to be not that involved) and synthesize weapons, combining certain items to create a more powerful weapon.

Rogue Galaxy PS2 screenshots

This is a new intellectual property (IP), though a comic book series based on it just released in Japan. It is very much in the action role-playing mode. Players can get up to eight characters but can only take three on a given mission. During a mission, players will control one avatar, but can issue commands to the others. You will also be able to pause combat and perform a new weapon loadout.

The game itself does follow some of the traditional party-based RPG titles and the story mode does follow a slightly linear path, though players will be able – on occasion – to stray off the plot-driven path. All the NPCs will have dialogue and some will trigger sub-quests.

You begin with one character and add to the party as you adventure through the game.

Graphically very appealing, Rogue Galaxy has a bit more work to go before being ready for a North American launch, but what was seen at the event was rather intriguing. Rogue Galaxy is definitely an RPG-adventure title worth keeping an eye on.


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