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Rocket Fist is fun for a party or just to keep kids busy

Here's our hands on take.

Rocket Fist - Preview

Ah dodge ball, the most fun and traumatizing of school yard sports. Everyone has a memory of some sort playing this game when they were young. Now imagine playing dodge ball with robots; that is the basic mechanic behind Rocket Fist.

As per usual with these small pick up and play indie games the story is sparse and the single player is brief; the game boast only six single player levels. And while that doesn’t seem like a lot the majority of the fun and the replay value come from it’s vs modes and it’s integrated level editor. Once you get a few of your friends together the game opens up to being much more than it seems.

Four player local co-op is a rarity these days now that it’s all about online multiplayer but Rocket Fist has both. And regardless of which mode you decide to play with your friends (death match or survival) you will find yourselves screaming at the screen and at each other. And if the fun dies down, it is no large task to go into the built-in level editor and create a new level from scratch, hazards and all.

Rocket Fist

The graphics are not something to particularly write home about, but they’re not lacking either. They are beautiful for what they are, but they don’t really do anything new. They are just clean and wonderful in their simplicity and lack of complication. The levels design is enough to keep you interested but not shocking.

The controls are simple to pick up and play as is with most small indie titles. A younger aged gamer would be able to pick up and play the game without any difficulty whatsoever. Older veteran gamers will probably enjoy playing this game as sort of a palate cleanser between bouts of Dark Souls or Overwatch.

Rocket Fist will release on Steam on May 12th, supposedly with a price point of 15 dollars and on sale for 15% off. Is this worth it? It really depends upon how many friends you have and how much value you get out of it. It’s not the kind of game that is built around a single player experience but it is the kind of game that is built around a party experience. So if there are a few people you can play with then you should at least consider picking up the game at some point, even if you only play it once or twice a year. Better yet, if you are an older gamer and need a game to play with your young kids, Rocket Fist is something you should purchase. More-so if you have two or more little gamers running around.

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