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Robocalypse - NDS - Preview

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Trying to take a new route for a real-time strategy title, Robocalypse is being developed by Vogster Entertainment with ambition by mixing in a lot of humor.

The single player campaign of Robocalypse is full of comical situations and dialogue that was penned by Jay Lender of SpongeBob Squarepants fame and Micah Wright. With wise-cracking robots, the comedy consists of light humor and campy writing to grasp a hold of the younger audience.

Having 17 campaign missions to play through, Robocalypse also permits up to four players in competitive head-to-head matches via LAN. Sadly, no Wi-Fi functions are being included in the final package, so players won’t be able to battle their friends online. If players don’t want to face off against one another, they can team up to play the co-op mode that is being incorporated.

Robocalypse Nintendo DS screenshots

For units, there are hero units that players can use to take control of the battlefield and provide more damage. Their abilities include sending their men into rampage mode, turning enemies into fridges and a leadership trait to unite soldiers into a single fighting unit. Outside of the hero units, players can choose from over 10 different robot units that come equipped with their own dedicated skills along with personalities to make them stand out.

Aside from the units, players will have the chance to use over 20 weapon types such as a super boxing glove that springs forward and punches the enemy. Outside of that, players can expect falling anvils and other wacky weapons.

Now for the controls, Robocalypse takes full advantage of the stylus that is as simple as just pointing and tapping on the screen. There won’t be headaches of complex commands for the units that’ll slow down the gameplay. While the stylus is responsive, there were times that the units didn’t respond to the request to attack enemy units. They stood around the enemies and watched them rebuild their city, a trait that won’t help the player win his or her battles.

Robocalypse is set for an October release on the Nintendo DS and is looking potentially like a sleeper hit.





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