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Road Trip: Arcade Edition - GC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


Usually, one does not think of engine and part upgrades if I said “cart racing”, but more silly weapons and turbo boosts on smaller tracks. Well, Conspiracy entertainment is releasing a game titled Road Trip a little later on this summer which looks to be simple enough for younger players, but will have enough for adults to enjoy as well. Oh … did I mention that it will be $19.99 and have it’s own little version on GBA?


Road Trip will have you selecting and racing over 100 different real world car models shrunk down to cart racing size. There will also be 100 different upgrade parts available to hook up and tune your car with as you play as well, some of them more realistic … while others will be more in the cart racing style like skis, rockets, and bombs. There will be unlockable parts and vehicles to pick up as you progress through the game, and one really unique feature that they have done with Road Trip is the ability to get a smaller version of the game on GBA … then transfer unlocked stuff from either version to the other. For example, if you unlocked three new cars on the flight to E3, you can hook it up to the GC and have them unlocked on the console. Pretty cool, huh?


If you’re a cart racing fan, and/or a fan of upgrading and racing your cars, keep an eye out for this one by Conspiracy.

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