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Resident Evil 6 Trailer Breakdown - Frame by Frame


Resident Evil 6 has just been confirmed, gamers buzzing with talk about the action packed three-minute trailer. Thing is, with all those jump cuts and exploding parts, it can be a bit hard to make sense of what's going on. Thankfully we've broken down the trailer frame by frame, to give you some insight into what looks to be the most exciting Resident Evil ever, including some very strong clues about what may be behind the outbreak.

The trailer opens with a big reveal. Leon Kennedy is back, his first major game appearance since Resident Evil 4. He's definitely a bit older, having let his hair grow a bit long and no longer sporting his classic bomber jacket from the last game. Apparently he's got bigger things on his mind than fashion.

As many gamers will know, Leon was a special agent answering directly to the President. Leon saved the President's daughter Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4, and we're assuming he's still serving under the same POTUS, this never-before-seen President Graham. Thing is we don't get to learn much about Ashley's father, seeing as he's been turned.

The way the trailer is cut makes it look as though Leon is the one squaring off against President Graham, though it's actually this unknown woman. It seems Leon may be in the same room as her, though the zomified Commander-in-Chief clearly lunges for her, not Mr. Kennedy. 

This mysterious dark-haired women seems to be a major part of Leon's side of the story, claiming to be responsible for what is happening. We'll definitely be looking for more details on her, and what exactly she did to cause this new outbreak.

Oh hey, looks like Leon's radio support Hunnigan returns as well. It'll be fun to see if any other support characters make an appearance.

Leon's campaign looks to take place in the town of Tall Oaks. Leon refers to it as Raccoon City all over again, and we're definitely getting a similar vibe as well. Resident Evil 2 was one of the best entries in the franchise, so we're happy to return to a similar urban setting.

Looks like Tall Oaks holds has it's own set of dangers to deal with, as this obese creature grabs Leon and takes him for a ride.

The next major returning character? Chris Redfield. Who apparently doesn't have a soft spot in his heart for journalists. Outta my face!

Though Chris is a seasoned zombie buster, what's interesting is this scene, where he appears to be taking on some generic armed thugs. Whether this is just a brief interlude before the zombie mayhem starts or if these humans are somehow connected to the outbreak remains to be seen. Or, are these simply zombies who have learned to use guns? Yikes.

Hmm, look at all the eyes on this guy. Has us thinking of a spider. Could this new mutation be somehow related to arachnids? 

Our third protagonist is obviously the most intriguing, a young man with a deep scar on his face, who seems more concerned about his paycheck than the impending zombie apocalypse. 

Even more interestingly, he looks to be hanging out with Ashley Graham. What is his connection to the President's daughter, and why does she seem so interested in helping him?

The metal arm on this big jerk doesn't seem natural at all. Someone is obviously creating these creatures, making this outbreak more than a simple accident. But who stands to benefit from a world swarming with zombies?

Judging from the dialog, it seems this young man may be somehow immune to the virus, claiming that it's his blood that people want. I guess if I had the cure for a global outbreak coursing through my veins, I'd expect a decent chunk of change as well. But what is he doing with this syringe? Is he collecting his own blood, or injecting something to keep him from turning? Does the Resident Evil universe have Zombrex yet?

A soldier spontaneously combusts. Very intriguing. Another effect of the mutagen? Is this the same soldier which transforms a moment later?

We have no idea what this horrible thing is, though the dialog leads us to believe that Leon's lady friend may have invented it. Somehow she's responsible for the outbreak, something confirmed by a random grunt. Are scary needle balls like this one the cause of this new mutation?

Here's something you may have missed as the trailer whipped by, but it looks like the dark-haired woman kicking some zombie ass of her own. We're wondering if the game will include the same style of co-op gameplay Resident Evil 5 had, with Leon and the Lady as team one, scar boy and Ashley as team two, and Chris and some grunt as team three. 

It does seem that paths will cross however, as here Chris gets his ass kicked in the same grey village we saw the mysterious boy and Ashley running through. If anything, it looks as though you'll be switching up your playable character a lot.

No real insight here. We just think this giant monster looks awesome.

I knew we should've taken a cab...

Remember we mentioned the spider-looking enemy earlier? Take a close look and you'll see that the logo is covered in spider webs. We're definitely eyeing some mutated arachnid virus as the culprit for this game. 

There we go! That's what we picked up from the trailer, definitely a lot to think about. Do you agree with anything we said? Got any insight of your own to share?

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