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Reservoir Dogs - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs is considered one of the most influential films of its generation. Dark, gritty, and filled with slime, the story had many characters that didn’t make it out of the film alive.

This fall Eidos Interactive, together with developer Volatile, will release the first game based on that film. It’s not an exact re-telling of the same story, but it’s not a new saga either. It’s what you know, and what you don’t know.

Starring Michael Madsen, AKA “Mr. Blonde,” Reservoir Dogs is a game of action, running, shooting, chasing, and torturing. The movie’s trademark music is being brought to the game, further enhancing the sound aspect.

Those who don’t know the Reservoir Dogs story are in for a few shockers, while fans will get to know more about their favorite characters. Eidos describes the game as one where you get to delve further into the film’s story and find out what happened to the diamond store. The game could potentially reveal what happened to Mr. Pink, but it will definitely tell us more about Mr. Blonde and his whereabouts.

Tarantino isn’t involved with the game’s development, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from looking at his work for inspiration. He has a habit of telling stories out of order to keep you guessing, and this game will be no different. It’ll switch between different events based on the character deemed worthy of that mission.

Having too much fun torturing others? Reservoir Dogs has a psycho/professional rating system that monitors and calculates your moral choices. Whether or not this actually affects the course of the game has yet to be revealed. But rest assured that if you are evil, the game will tell you about it.

If death isn’t your bag, the threat system will be right up your alley. Take a hostage, manipulate the civilian (use a little force if you have to), and it should lead to the answers you’re searching for. That way you can walk away without having to leave behind another dead body.

Furthermore, the game will feature a crowd control feature that lets you go crazy and, well…contain the crowd.

Car chase scenes will also be a part of the experience, as will plenty of running, dodging and shooting. What else can we expect? Eidos isn’t ready to reveal anything else, but stay tuned to GameZone Online throughout the year as we bring you more details on this and the other games from the Electronic Entertainment Expo.


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