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Reign of Fire - PS2 - Preview

E3 2002

Film turns to game once again in Reign of Fire, Bam's third-person/third-dragon perspective vehicular fight fest. Based tightly on the July-release movie starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey, the story is set in England in the year 2024. After a hibernating dragon is woken and spawns an entire population of dragons, mankind must fight to survive.

5 types of dragons, from land-locked raptor-esque lizards to airborne fire-breathing monsters, viciously attack humans from every conceivable direction. Your chance for survival? Get them before they get you. All you have to defend yourself are your wits and cunning... okay you also have a plethora of vehicles, weapons, and fellow soldiers to puree the giant reptiles.

Whether you're piloting a jeep, a tank, or a fire truck, you can be assured that each mission will be difficult and unique. The 20 missions vary from putting out fires, to rescuing humans, to slaughtering dragons.

The game play looks similar to that of vehicle driving in Halo, with a jeep outfitted with a multi-directional turret. The dragons will use anything they can to take you out, the simplest ones ramming your vehicles like reptilian battering rams and the airborne ones spitting huge fireballs with explosive radii.

After saving humanity, the thought may cross your mind that you want to wreak havoc on it as well. The solution: take control of a dragon and scorch, burn, and torch to your heart's content. Flying the dragons and terrorizing fleeing humans looks like guilty fun, and earns reign of fire another plus.

Burn fields, buildings, farms... heck burn the farmers all with the spectacular new reactive fire-tech engine created by Bam! Entertainment and Crawfish Interactive specifically for the game. Fires burn and spread with amazing realism and be strategically set (or extinguished) for maximum damage.

Look for Reign of Fire for Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, and Game Boy Advance this October.

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