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Rally Championship - GC - Preview

E3 2003 – First Look  

Conspiracy Entertainment has been a developer that puts out some unique and usually budget priced titles. Stretch Panic is one of their more well known games, as is Seek and Destroy … the first $9.99 PS2 title to hit retail store shelves. The first game I got to look at by Conspiracy is a rally racing title called Rally Championship.  

On release, Rally Championship is scheduled to have a $19.99 price tag. The biggest thing about this title is the fact that it was designed and tested by actual Rally drivers … not what the developers thought real rally racing is. The finished build will contain 29 real cars, 33 different stages to play through, and four continents to test your off-road skills on. Since this is realistic rally racing, most of your driving experience will take place against the clock. It will have a four player option to allow you to drive against others if you choose to do so, however … so don’t think you’ll be alone all the time.

Graphically, there were some nice lighting and environments, and the cars take realistic damage during collisions as well like hoods flying off or headlights breaking if you run into something. This will be a GameCube exclusive, and is slated for release on the system around July 29th … right around the corner for the rally fan in your life.

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