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Rage Preview


Building a whole new complete experience, id Software Creative Director Timothy Willits is ready to revolutionize the first-person shooter genre all over again after successfully unleashing Quake, DOOM and Wolfenstein on the world. The game to fill that role is Rage.

Moving forth with the id tech 5, the virtual texturing system that is being implemented into Rage is fantastic for designing beautiful environments that are full of decay, destruction and despair. Having a world that was torn apart by an asteroid, Rage is occupied by mutants who are thirsty… so thirsty that they are willing to poison the well. Having water being the equivalent to oil in today’s society, it’s a battle for power by controlling the water supply.

Allowing players to ride amongst the mountainous terrain with buggies, Rage is perhaps the most ambitious id Software title in their storied history. Not only will players be taking advantage of sentries to lie down, but they’ll be able to let loose sentry bots that are similar to a spider-robot that shreds the enemies set before them. Whether it is mutants or bandits, the enemies are able to use the environment to their advantage by climbing on rails and pipes as they swing around.

The swinging around and agility of the enemies plays a big part into the Old West meets China art style. Bandits are often completing back flips and somersaults as they attempt to slice and dice the player with a scythe in their hand. If the enemies become too tricky, players are able to deploy a bomb car that takes care of all opposition in the blast radius.

Besides the accessories and equipment that are available to the player, the weapons are equally powerful. The crossbow is capable of having electricity applied to its bolts to shock enemies who are standing within water. Using the weapon properties and environment to the player’s advantage, Rage offers several ways to accomplish objectives.

The only issue that was evident upon first impressions was that the guns were cartoony to the point that a few of them looked like super-soaker guns. If this is their aim, then id Software has succeeded with their weaponry.

After witnessing a mini-game (dice-like game), the demonstration ended off with a 15-20 feet tall mutant that broke through double doors with a turret in hand. Evading the monstrosity, safety wasn’t achieved for far too long as a 40-50 feet tall ogre of sorts came barreling down the street ripping down a building with little to no effort.

Rage isn’t a great departure from previous id Software efforts, but it most definitely offers a whole new landscape of gaming for the company and its fans.

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