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Rabbids Go Home - WII - Preview

The “Rabbids” games have been one of the most prolific titles on the Wii, starting out with Rayman: Raving Rabbids and creating a bevy of fun and hilarious party games. However, Ubisoft is looking to switch up the Rabbids formula for their latest title, Rabbids Go Home. Rabbids Go Home features the manic, deranged and quirky rabbit-type characters trying to build up a pile of refuse large enough to reach the moon, which they believe to be their home. The game then finds them running through a variety of environments armed with a shopping cart, grabbing anything from dogs to cows to hospital beds in order to build up their pile of garbage. The game has a very distinct sense of humor, with the hilarious protagonists and quirky environments sure to get plenty of laughs.

The gameplay in Rabbids Go Home is a cross between Katamari Damacy and Super Mario Galaxy. The game mostly deals with collecting the most amount of crap before you reach the end of the level, which some piles of trash being harder to get to than others. You’ll also have to contend with a variety of enemies, including dogs and guys running around in hazmat suits. In order to take out your opponents, you’ll have to either charge them with your cart, shake the Wii remote in order to perform an attack, or aim your Wii remote at the screen and shoot rabbids at them, similar to Super Mario Galaxy.

At Ubisoft’s UbiNintendo event, we were given some hands-on time with the game and played through several different levels. There was a supermarket level called “Super Racket in the Supermarket”, an airport set level called “Rabbid-fire Reaction”, and a hospital stage called “Bubble Bed Bonanza”. “Super Racket in the Supermarket” was just like it sounds, putting the rabbids in a grocery store and having them dodge enemies while collecting as much as they can. In “Rabbid-fire Reaction”, the Rabbids hijack a jet engine and go on a joyride through the airport, requiring you to dodge mines and navigate your way to the end without hitting too many hazards. “Bubble Bed Bonanza” had the crew in a hospital, with the ultimate goal being the acquisition of a “boy in a plastic bubble” to put in their pile.

Aside from the missions, there is a customization mode that lets you suck your Rabbid into your Wii remote, using the accelerometer to toss him around inside, as well as give him new features and outfits. Rabbids Go Home will certainly be a funny game, and one that is accessible and fun enough for fans of the party games to definitely get behind.

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