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R.C. Cars - PC - Preview

From Whiptail Interactive comes RC Cars, a game that lets you race remote control cars through a variety of exotic locations.  In the preview build, RC Cars felt very user friendly, with big colorful graphics, fast paced racing and responsive controls. RC Cars is a fun game that kids and adults should enjoy.


Since you are racing with remote control cars, everything in the game happens on a much larger scale.  The game’s 10 tracks will have you dodging all kinds of obstacles, like pets, people and stationary objects that lie in your way.  While these obstacles don’t do any damage to your car, they can slow you down quite a bit.


The game has a very cartoony feel to it, a lot like Mario Kart.  However, the environments are a bit more dynamic than Mario Kart, with people walking across the track and various other wrenches getting thrown in the gears of your progress.


You can choose from three different cars: a sporty race car, a monster truck and a Hummer-looking truck.  Each car has its own traits and strengths. The sporty race car is fast but can be turned over easily, the Hummer is somewhat more stable but slower and the monster truck is a well-rounded vehicle.


You progress through the game by earning money by completing circuits. As you earn cash, you can purchase new upgrades to beef up your car.


The racing in RC Cars is pretty simplistic, but it can be quite fun.  The physics engine is very simple, your car bounces against objects, and there really isn’t any kind of serious need to control your speed or use any kind of strategy along the tracks: essentially just put the pedal to the metal and try not to run into anything along the way.


The graphics in RC Cars are fun and have a light, colorful look.  The car models look very good, reflecting light in a realistic manor and the environments are cool, bustling with activity.  Plus, the action moves at a very fast and smooth pace with no hiccups in the framerates.


The music is a strange brew of European techno, house music and rock.  The sound effects are fairly simple, composed primarily of the whirring engine noises and the occasional wreck sounds.


RC Cars is shaping up to be a fun albeit simple racing game.  The arcade style may feel a little redundant to some, but those looking for an easy to pick up racing game in the spirit of Mario Kart should give this one a look.

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