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Quick Blade Kitten Hands-on Impressions


Remove yourself from the brown and grey next-generation environments and discover the colorful world of Blade Kitten. Hidden behind all the charming characters and bright colors, Blade Kitten offers an entertaining side-scrolling action-platformer that changes up the pace in each and every level.

Sure, the platforming genre is experiencing a renaissance as of late and it may seem that Blade Kitten is jumping on the bandwagon, but don’t let what the current gaming trends are deter you from experiencing the thrills of the upcoming title from minds behind Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. There are several facets that should attract the old school platforming crowd to keep playing on beyond a demo or first few levels. Among them are: collecting and upgrading items, leveling up Kit Ballard (the feline protagonist), ranking up skill level for bragging rights, and lengthy worlds to traverse that offer a variety of gameplay types (racing, beat ‘em up, puzzles, etc.).

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Oh wait, there’s one more that I am sure fans of the Sims and any ordinary gamer who enjoys changing the look of their character will truly enjoy. Krome Studios allows players to switch up the costumes of Ballard, and while they are only aesthetic changes, it’s an exotic option to coordinate with your mood. Are you angered and want to eliminate foes as soon as possible? Then perhaps the using the Lucy, one of the title’s frightening bounty hunters, is right up your alley. Maybe you are feeling playful and will opt to wear the ‘80’s style pajamas or wear the Sun Dae the Space Pirate Bunny Girl outfit. Whatever you opt for, the costumes are an intriguing option to mix up the look of Ballard.

After playing through the title for about an hour, I managed to complete 20 percent of the title and buy four upgrades for +20 Health and Stamina, along with three costumes alterations. The in-game currency, the Hex, is spread throughout the levels and is easily obtainable by double-jumping, climbing, or sliding across the level. There are times when using Skiffy, Ballard’s adorable pet, is required to reach Hex that is in the 3D backgrounds or foregrounds. In total, there are 13 levels and after riding on a Noot, an ostrich-like creature, and chasing down rival bounty hunter Justice, it’s safe to say that no level presented itself as all too similar as the last.

Aside from the fascinating world, there was one particular thing that I walked away with: The definition of a NOINK. While I am not aware of its origins, Krome has inserted the terminology within Blade Kitten as an acronym standing in for “NO Idea Noob Kid.” Whether it’ll remain with the gaming audience long after Blade Kitten has been released remains to be seen, but Krome certainly has put a certain degree of time and passion into Blade Kitten that it’s hard not to be excited for the retail release later this month.

And here's a little more Blade Kitten action for you in the official trailer.

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