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Quantum - PS3 - Preview

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For many years, Tecmo has brought us depth and innovation in the action genre. More specifically, they've brought us those things in the hand-to-hand, weapon-to-weapon side of action gaming. Shooters were not a part of the studio's portfolio.

That will change in 2010, the year that Tecmo will release its first third-person shooter: Quantum. Created to be a fast and intense, graphically-rich action game that will appeal to fans of Gears of War and Call of Duty, Quantum is a very dark, very violent and very bloody shooter that takes place in an extremely gothic world. Most of the game occurs in what is being described as a living tower. The "living" part comes from its ability to deform, extend and lower structures. It's able to do this because the tower is organic; it is, in a way, another life form. To show how this works, Tecmo played a trailer showing a bridge come down to where Syd, the main character, was standing. He walked onto it and was able to reach an area that was previously inaccessible to him.

Quantum screenshots

For now, Syd's attacks mirror those of Gears of War. He can duck and cover, peek over walls and fire, etc. The brutal artwork is unique but the camera angles are almost identical to Gears of War. Still, the gunplay looked pretty exciting, especially when you consider the flying beasts and other creatures you'll be battling.

Though Quantum will certainly be compared to other shooters, it does have one feature that stands apart from the crowd: Filena, Syd's AI-controlled sidekick. This tough woman looks like an angel and fights like a fierce warrior. Syd can pick her up and throw her at enemies. She'll fly through the air, land on the target and immediately begin to tear him apart.

Set for release in 2010, Quantum should be very appealing to PS3 owners everywhere -- even if it is somewhat of a Gears of War clone. Stay with GameZone for more info in the coming months.

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