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PSP Video Game Previews


LocoRoco 2 - PSP - Preview

LocoRoco has been touted by Sony as being the happiest game on Earth. Thats debatable, but it is almost certainly the bounciest game created for PSP.


Yggdra Union - PSP - Preview

Few games attempt to bend the rules of turn-based strategy. They might throw in a couple of cool ideas, hire voice actors that dont suck or present a


N+ - PSP - Preview

Youre on the run. Youre made to infiltrate, get out and be done. You are a character seen not only as a silhouette but is someone the player will nev


MLB 08: The Show - PSP - Preview

Last year, MLB 07: The Show was one of the better baseball titles of the year, offering deep single-player options and nice controls. Now, Sonys firs


WipEout Pulse - PSP - Preview

The wipEout series is well established and follows a tried-and-true formula very well. You have vehicles (or crafts) that hover slightly above a trac


Patapon - PSP - Preview

Well, what an insidious little title this is! Patapon offers itself as a two-dimensional platformer that is a side-to-side scroller, but it combines