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PS2 Video Game Previews


FIFA 08 - PS2 - Preview

The stadium spins with a jerked camera zoom. The scene cuts multiple times, jumping forward before team logos are thrown onto the screen. Next, the s


NHL 08 - PS2 - Preview

Sailing past the opposing defenseman, you weave in and out of every obstacle. A plan to steal your puck is foiled by a last-second pass that glides t


WILD ARMS 5 - PS2 - Preview

The world is in turmoil. Its always in turmoil. As long as role-playing games exist, you will never run out of towns to protect from an evil emperor


Bee Movie Game - PS2 - Preview

E3 2007 Preview Jerry Seinfeld is entering the video-game business well, in a way. There is a pending animation film from Dreamworks called The Bee M


Odin Sphere - PS2 - Preview

What do you get when youre playing an RPG that isnt really a fighter, and an action game that isnt wholeheartedly action? You could wind up with anyt