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PRISM: Light The Way - NDS - Preview

With hits like Tetris DS, Meteos and many more on the DS, it’s become the go-to system for puzzle games, thanks mainly to its stylus-based controls and wide casual fanbase. No stranger to the DS’s puzzle game capabilities is Eidos, who is prepping their new puzzle IP for the Nintendo DS, PRISM: Light the Way. PRISM works on a pretty simple concept, requiring you to diffract light to shine on sad clouds from different angles. However, in later stages, the gameplay can get pretty difficult, and some puzzles will certainly work your brain. PRISM is shaping up to be a fun puzzler with some pretty unique concepts.

The single-player game is divided into four different game modes: the puzzle mode requires you to play through all of the game’s puzzles in increasing difficulty, the time mode requires you to complete a series of puzzles before the timer runs out, hyper mode has you quickly lighting globos before they explode, and the infinite mode lets you play through a never-ending crop of puzzles. The controls are dirt simple, requiring only a-tap and-drag of the stylus and nothing else.

PRISM: Light The Way Nintendo DS screenshots

As I mentioned earlier, PRISM is a puzzle game that requires you to channel light from your little green character to the globos, who are in dire need of said light after an evil creature stole it away. The game is divided into 15 tiers each with 8 different puzzles to solve. The puzzles get tougher as you progress, growing in complexity as you unlock new tiers.

The puzzles start out extremely easy, but once you get to the fourth tier or so, they can be very difficult. You’ll need to position your character just right on the screen, then use prisms and mirrors in order to get the right color of light to the different colored globos. The main concept is very simple, but carrying it out can be pretty tough.

Fortunately, the game is very liberal when it comes to doling out assistance. By tapping the hint button on the touchscreen, the game will show you flat out which piece needs to go where. Hit it enough times and it will actually walk you through the puzzle. While hardcore puzzle fans will want to avoid this button like the plague, casual fans will appreciate it when they get stumped on some of the later puzzles.

PRISM: Light The Way Nintendo DS screenshots

Graphically, the game isn’t dazzling, but keeps things very cartoony and simple. The top-down grid look does just fine for the game’s overall theme, with a easy look to go with the easy-to-grasp gameplay. Soundwise, the game fares about the same, with a cutesy soundtrack and limited sound effects.

PRISM isn’t huge on presentation, but offers easy to grasp gameplay that will appeal to the casual mindset. Look for a full review soon.

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