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Princess Debut - NDS - Preview

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Natsume is ready to branch out and bring girl gamers a game targeted specifically for their tastes. With Princess Debut, they’ll be letting girl gamers find a date and practice for their dream dance ball in stunning fashion.

The idea behind the game centers on girls practicing their dance moves with their date of choice to debut center stage at the dance. Having a selection of a handful of dates and many dances to practice, Princess Debut aims to hone in on making girl gamers feel represented in the video game market.

Princess Debut Nintendo DS screenshots

Gameplay driven by tapping the touch screen with the stylus, gamers will have to slide in different directions to several dance maneuvers to become an all around dancer. Every dance move has been motion-captured by professional dancers, so if you need authenticity behind your tango, then you should have no fear as Natsume has done research behind every dance move.

Of course, gamers will also be able to customize their character with new outfits and items as such to give them a different feel to their own liking.

Princess Debut is set for a September 30 release only on the Nintendo DS.


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