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Prey - 360 - Preview 2

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Prey was announced about a decade ago. After that long time in development hell, Prey has gotten a new publisher, a brand new engine, and is inching closer and closer to an actual release. Last year, 2K Games revealed some brief snippets of what we could expect from Prey’s gameplay, the results of which were quite astonishing. This year, a cut from Prey’s multiplayer elements was available to play. With Prey finally only a few months away from release, it can be safe to say that this game could and should be the smash hit of the summer.

For those not in the know, Prey puts you in the shoes of a young Native American man charged with saving the Earth from an alien threat. You’ll have a host of different abilities handed down to you from your ancestors that will draw upon magical powers. You’ll be able to “spirit walk” which basically lets you step outside of your body and view an area without being threatened by enemies and use anti-gravity to walk up and down special walls. Also, the game uses portals quite ingeniously, allowing you to move seamlessly from one area to another by stepping through them.

The multiplayer deathmatch game running at 2K Games’ E3 booth didn’t quite showcase the whole spirit-walking portion of the game, but the seamless portals and wall walking did play a pretty big part. They basically set the dynamic for the multiplayer gameplay, as you can assault an enemy from not only from the front or back, but from the top as well.

The portals also play a huge part in the multiplayer, allowing you to get the drop on your foes via dimensional rips. The multiplayer mode also showcased some of the weapons that will be found in the game, like a “goo gun” that shoots out a gooey green substance, similar to the bio rifle from Unreal Tournament. Given that you can now walk on walls, punching out some green goo on the walls and ceiling makes for harsh terrain and some interesting multiplayer matches.

Prey is finally only a couple months away, and should be a great experience for FPS fans who have been awaiting this title with baited breath. Look for it to hit the PC and 360 this July.

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