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PoPoLoCrois - PSP - Preview

E3 Preview 2005

Agetec is taking on a new attitude when it comes to its titles.

“We are taking our staples and opening up to the mass public,” stated Agetec’s Dave Silviera.

What that means is taking some titles that have enjoyed previous success and reconstructing them with a few twists for the next iteration of games.

Take, for example, Wild Arms Altercode: F. The PlayStation2 title, developed by MediaVision/SCEA is a retelling of the Wild Arms story that began the series of titles. In Altercode: F, some of the better elements of the first games are combined for a classic adventure in the legendary realm of Filgaia.

Game features include a redeveloped script with new plot twists and puzzle solving, six playable characters, more than 60 hours of game play on a dual-layer DVD, an evolved combat system in which players can control up to six party members and detailed characters and environments.

In creating this title, Agetec was listening to the fans of the series and created a title that combined the old with the new. Why the old?

“There are still a lot of fans who want this system,” Silviera said.

Aftercode: F is slated for release in the early fourth quarter of 2005.

Popolocrois is a PSP version of the popular series created from part 1 and 2 of the series.

“This is the only traditional RPG to come out on the PSP,” Silviera said. “We have no competition.”

The game sports two-dimensional graphics, 10-15 playable characters and the old-school grid-based tactical battle system. Other features include 30-plus hours of gameplay, cel-shaded graphics, bonus anime sequences from the Japanese TV series and a save feature for playing on the go.

Popolocrois is scheduled for release in August.

Taking the old and popular, and upgrading them for today’s consoles may be just what the doctor ordered to appeal to older fans of the series as well as drawing in new fans.


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