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Peter Jackson's King Kong - 360 - Preview

There are few times when words can fail to express the wonder, and adrenaline rush associated with a video game title. Peter Jackson’s King Kong, an Xbox 360 release from Ubisoft presented one of those moments.


The title only had two levels available to play at a recent Xbox 360 Event in San Francisco, one was entitled Chased and centered on a trio of the film’s explorers trying to avoid being chewed on by a tyrannosaurus rex while searching for other members of their party. Armed with a machine gun, and facing minor puzzles, the scene played out in adrenaline-pumping fervor. The T-Rex was merciless in its pursuit. Your traveling mates are yelling out for you to “distract” it while they get a gate open. Distract it? With a machine gun that tears holes in it but rather than damage it, only seems to make it angrier? Yeah, right! How about you take the gun and distract it and Jack (the character players participate as in the scenario) opens the gate.


Peter Jackson's King Kong Xbox 360 screenshots


It is played from the first-person perspective, and at times all you can see is teeth – really BIG teeth. Running helps, but the T-Rex is in hot pursuit and your comrades seem to delight in telling you that. If you take too much damage, there are teeth, and a throat and a lot of red stuff, which presumably is you being ingested.


The second playable level centered on Kong defending the small human love-of-his-life from not one, but three T-Rexes. It begins with a T-Rex threatening Kong, who is holding the girl, so he sets her down and begins a brutal combat match with the foe – pounding away, grabbling and trying to pry the jaws far enough apart (with some startling accompanying graphics) to end the monster’s life. Kong can power up by pounding on his chest and he will certainly need it. After defeating the one dinosaur, he hears the woman calling for help. She has wandered off (silly human!) and is being menaced by two T-Rexes. Kong must solve some simple puzzles to open up a pathway to the arena where she is and then take out the monsters before they do more than merely menace the human. Fortunately the monsters can be separated and attacked separately, but Kong has to balance beating on them to keep attention away from the woman without taking too much on himself.


Peter Jackson's King Kong Xbox 360 screenshots


The game is a bit of a button masher, but is an exceptional graphical display. The environments have destructible elements, there is water that splashes around and creates some great effects. This scenario is played out in the third-person perspective. Equally as amazing is the game’s sound.


Two levels, but guaranteed heart-thumpers. If the rest of this title lives up to the two levels displayed at the Microsoft event, then Ubisoft is about to unleash a “monster” of an Xbox 360 title.

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