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Latest Previews for PC

Tropico 4 Screenshot - 841669

Tropico 4

There was a lot to love about Tropico 3. Developer Haemimont and publisher Kalypso worked hard to revive the franchise that died in 2003, and the end Read More

Skullgirls Screenshot - 841597


Fighting games have seen the biggest resurgence in the last decade. With the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV 3D, an update Read More

Batman: Arkham City Screenshot - 866789

Batman: Arkham City

There's a lot of pressure riding on Batman: Arkham City. As the sequel to the best-received Batman game of all time, not only does the game have to b Read More

Storm Screenshot - 841204


EKO Software is a company few of us in gaming know much about. Some of their biggest titles include games based upon characters like Garfield and Woo Read More

Jurassic Park Screenshot - 866784

Jurassic Park

When Telltale Games announced that they would be bringing adventure game adaptations of Back to the Future and Jurassic Park, fans of both the films Read More

Bulletstorm Screenshot - 840678


Bulletstorm is a pretty well known entity right now. A score-based shooter, you've already seen how the multiplayer works, and you've probably alread Read More

Dragon Age II Screenshot - 840719

Dragon Age II

Sitting down to play the upcoming demo for Dragon Age II, I had a certain sense of worry in the pit of my stomach. For me, Dragon Age: Origins, a fan Read More

DiRT 3 Screenshot - 866778

Dirt 3

When a developer makes a sequel, usually one expects a return to the comfortable and expected. A good sequel builds on the foundation of its predeces Read More

RIFT Screenshot - 840436

PvP in Rift

It's a hard time to enter the MMO space. Actually, it's never been easy, with Ultima, Everquest, and the ubiquitous World of Warcraft holding sway of Read More

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