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PAX Prime 2011: We Spare No Green-skins in Orcs Must Die!


Publisher Robot Entertainment really must hate Orcs. So much so, as to devote an entire game to mutilating these green-skinned freaks in any matter possible. The cleverly titled downloadable Orcs Must Die! is one part tower defense, one part third person action game, and a full dose of pure Orc destruction.

I was able to get my hands on two of the games levels. The initial one had me getting used to the mechanics of how the game works. Your Hero can be outfitted with a limited amount of weapons and traps in the initial part of the level. Much like Plants vs. Zombies, some items work better than others against a certain type of Orc, and it will require some strategy in picking the right items for each particular level.

I then was able to set down my traps through the level. I laid down a few spike and oil traps and was ready to unleash the horde of Orcs. The dumb creatures ran straight through each trap, getting hurt by the spikes and slowed by the oil, allowing me to then pick them off with my long ranged crossbow, or close ranged sword. What really did the trick were the dart walls that I laid down next to the oil traps, one trap slowing them down, the other laying on the damage.

Set pieces such as chandeliers and pots filled with deadly poison also serve as last minute saves as they can deal a great amount of damage to the Orcs, if used at the correct time. The second level was much tougher as this time there were two doors that spawned Orcs, even flying ones. I did have a much better arsenal this time, consisting of a powerful frost shot, a deadly fire-coal trap, and some badass archers that could be placed at higher vantage points (otherwise the Orcs will seriously mess them up) and can pick off enemies from a distance.

It was hard for me to keep in mind that it is equal part tower defense, as I wanted to mostly rely on my weapons, but keeping to that tactic will either have you overrun by those green beasts or have your health shoot down in a matter of seconds. Strategic placement of traps is definitely required if you want to get a good rating on each level, which also helps with upgrading your characters abilities.

Orcs Must Die! looks to be a highly addicting action tower defense game and we can't wait to get our hands on the full game later this year.

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