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PAX Prime 2011: Crimson Alliance Shows Off Deadly Assassin


We first got our hands on Crimson Alliance at this years E3, but the third class was first made playable at this years PAX. We got the details on this quick and nimble class as well as Certain Affinity's interesting price model.

For 1200 MSP (or $15) you get the full game with complete access to all three classes. Certain Affinity is going to try something new and also offer the game in three other variants. For those that know that they will only play a certain class, such as the Mercenary can buy the game for 800 MSP (or $10) which will give unrestricted access to the full game including all Achievements, maps, modes and multiplayer capabilites, but only access to that one class.

It looks to be an interesting experiment to see if there are people who are absolutely sure of their class pick and save five bucks by purchasing the cheaper variant. I have been reassured though that the trial will support all three classes, so if those that are unsure of which class to pick can test out each class first before making the jump.

Want to just play as Direwolf the Wizard? Now you can for 5 bucks less!

Onto the actual Assassin class. She is an agile character that specializes in dashing towards her enemies, closing the gap and getting some damage in. Her other move teleports her to nearby enemies and stuns them for a duration. The third skill is a dagger throw which helps pick your enemies out from a distance. Her quickness supplements the Mercenaries slower but more powerful hits.

I was also shown a new level, this time taking place outside rather than the inside of a cavern like in our E3 demo. After we dominated that, I was shown a challenge level which had me facing off against five waves of increasingly hard monsters, which looks to be a blast when played with three other people.

Crimson Alliance looks to be another great action RPG on Xbox Live Arcade that will no doubt be even more fun when playing with friends. As to Certain Affinity's success in their new pricing model, that's yet to be seen, but it's an inventive way to offer their game for a cheaper rate for those dedicated to a certain class. Make sure to check back for further Crimson Alliance coverage on GameZone.

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