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PAX East 2013 Preview: Watch Dogs adapts to the choices you make


With the soft release date of “holiday of this year,” all we can do it watch everything thrown at us from Watch Dogs and anticipate the Ubisoft title like the savages we are. Since its announcement at E3 2012, this game has looked remarkable. I’m personally involved in the setting and mechanics of the sandbox game. It all started with computers, then smart phones, then it comes to ‘smart cities’ with a Central Operating System (CtOS). This is a network connecting every internet-connected device. It was only a matter of time until someone learned to hack it with ease and become nearly godlike.

This god is Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of Watch Dogs. As someone who is over-protective of his family and quite savvy with technology, Aiden obsessively watches over his family because of something that happened in his past. Once something bad happens to them, he is hell bent on revenge. With the power to control the CtOS with near-instant ease, Aiden will do everything in his power to see the guilty pay.

The game will adapt to how you play and the choices you make. The news channels will paint Aiden in a certain light depending on his actions. You can cause a traffic accident by changing the colors on some traffic lights, but that has consequences. Does he leave those in the wrecks to die, or does he save those close to death? That is up to you and how you want to play.

Towards the end of the demo, Ubisoft hinted at a sort of multiplayer feature where you can be involved from any device at any time. There was a gamer-tag watching Aiden during two different times in the demo. Was it there to help or hurt his cause? How was he interacting in this world? It's all unknown at this time, but damn is it interesting. Just how far will Ubisoft integrate the Chicago setting in Watch Dogs? Will the CtOS be real in a few decades? These questions and their impending answers are terrifying.   

Watch Dogs is expected to release this holiday season.

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