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PAX East 2013 preview: Saints Row 4 wields a dubstep gun and super powers


The formula for a successful Saints Row game is quite simple: combine over-the-top action with fun gameplay and missions -- that's it. Over-the-top only really works if the player is enjoying his/herself. In essence, this is exactly what Saints Row 4 will aim to do. As the President of the United States -- because that's the natural progression for the pop icon leader of the Saints -- you have ascended to a point higher than most mere mortals ever reach. Don't fret, though; you'll be using some wicked, new devices during your term in office.

Enter the Inflator Gun. This bad boy inflates the target's head with a focused beam like a balloon, until like a balloon, it, well, pops. Needless to say, the target does not survive. Not to be outdone, the next weapon that was shown to us is perhaps the greatest thing I've ever seen -- the Dubstep Gun. As the name suggests, this weapon fires a concentrated Dubstep beat that forces yours targets to dance until death. It's as wonderful as it sounds. The beat may or may not drop -- TO DEATH.

saints row 4

Your foe in Saints 4 is an alien race known as the Zin. They will abduct and imprison you, attempting to break your resolve. In this digital prison, you'll gain Matrix-like super powers: super speed, ice blasts, telekinesis and the ability to leap and soar from building to building. These super powers may lead you to drive cars less, so the game's exploration will be more vertical than horizontal like in the past. Don't you worry, though; cars and full customization of them will still exist.

While ice blasting your foes, you'll still have all your guns. The weapons are more customizable than ever before, and players are encouraged to mix them in with your newly found super powers. While you can still boost weapon stats, you can also change their appearance. The example given to us was a Desperado-esque guitar case that was actually a rocket launcher.

saints row 4

Last but by far not least, there will be a new mech for both in-mission havoc and eventually unlockable for sandbox mayhem. For those concerned that SR4 won't be different enough than SR3, it's adding plenty of new goodies and a fresh story. For a game soon to be in Alpha, it's already shaping up to be the best Saints Row yet.

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