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PAX East 2013 preview: Moga Pro controller turns your Android into a console


If you are both an Android user and gamer, you absolutely need to look into a Moga Pro controller. Yes, there are plenty of other gaming controllers for Android devices, but Moga Pro controller not only catches your attention of the bat, but it offers precise control that rivals console controllers. Now that I’ve had hands-on time with it, I can confirm that all my suspicions were pretty dead on. If you’re tired of basic Android device controls and have been in the market for new controller, take a gander at this bad boy.

From all design purposes, this controller looks like, works like, and feels like a more comfortable Xbox 360 controller. While playing Dead Trigger with the Moga Pro, I felt completely familiar with the controller in my hands -- the fire trigger was where I thought it would be, the reload button was as expected, and even the sticks were exactly where my hands knew they would be. The back grip is made of comfortable rubber than I actually enjoyed more than an Xbox 360 controller. The sticks can even be pushed in for extra features despite the fact that no game currently use this feature -- the future is in mind, and the Moga Pro is ready for it.

The Moga Pro works off Bluetooth and has an adjustable stand to place even the largest of Android phones within -- it can fit a Samsung Note 2. It won’t fit a tablet but will work with any Android Tablet. When you get the controller, you also get app that tells you which of your installed games will work with it and what future games will work with it. The Moga Pro has a rechargeable battery and will last long after your phone dies with a 15 hour battery life.

With gaming in mind, the controller developers have worked with game developers to make the controller work as smoothly as possible and as soon as the games are released. This relationship adds an overall layer of readiness and efficiency -- a relationship that leads to one hundred developers coding. There are an 'A' and 'B' mode with the controller. 'A' are for games that use the standards of the Moga controller when they develop their game. 'B' are for all other games that use the Android industry standard. That said, with the beauty and quality of this controller, I find it difficult to believe that most Android game developers won't be using Moga's controller scheme.

You will see the Moga Pro on shelves in Walmart and Target on April 15th for the price of $49.99. If you preorder now, though, you can get 25% off. If this is something that interests you, there is no better time to act than now.

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