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PAX East 2013: Children of Liberty combines stealth with revolutionary paper art


It’s the American Revolutionary War and four children find themselves between and army of Red Coats and their captured parents. Taking the spirit of America, these kids refuse to just sit back and do nothing. The four playable characters in Children of Liberty each have their own perks ranging from high jumps, slide tackles, and Batman-esque attacks. The art style is beautiful and unique. The game looks like a very well put together paper diorama. Everything just looks like paper cut outs and I’m admittedly digging the style.  

In the PAX East demo, stealth mechanics were featured. The character Joseph was trying to get through a British warehouse. The Red Coats had a visible cone of vision you would want to avoid or wait for the right time to strike. In the puzzles I witnessed, there were often two ways to get past the guards – either avoiding them altogether or knocking them out. A conscious foe is capable of waking up a sleeping one. Your character goes back into stealth by falling back from the 2D path into the background. From here you can one-shot, knock-out a foe if you successfully sneak up on them.  

Originally Children of Liberty was created for a Children Parks and Recreation foundation that fell through and ended up turning into the version which exists today. If this game looks like something you’d be interested in, you can buy and play the alpha know for $10 via Desura. If you want to help out the indie company you can also vote for them on Steam Greenlight. Come on guys, they need the help! Trust me, it's worth it!

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